Wedding packages in Florida

Here you can find a selection of pre designed wedding packages and all inclusive offers for weddings in Florida. This is just a small selection of the possibilities and we can customize you an offer to fit all your wishes and needs. We have wedding packages for beach weddings, park and garden weddings, weddings in chapels and historic sites and other locations

Beach wedding packages in Florida

WEDDING PACKAGES IN FLORIDA FOR BEACH WEDDINGS. Florida is perfect for a romantic wedding on the beach. If your dream is to get married on the beach you will find some example wedding packages to inspire your imagination. Our service is available from Florida’s east coast from Cocoa Beach to Miami and on the West Coast from Tampa to Naples including the Florida Keys. All offers can be combined individually according to your wishes. Some beaches have restrictions and require permits or fees.


WEDDING PACKAGES IN FLORIDA FOR PARK WEDDINGS. In Florida there are many beautiful botanical gardens and parks available to celebrate your wedding. Say “I do” in the shadows of majestic trees or in a romantic gazebo on the lake. Surrounded by lush green and blooming flowers enjoy what Florida’s nature has to offer. There are some parks that are publicly available, however, botanical gardens and private parks often have a rental fee.


WEDDING PACKAGES IN FLORIDA FOR CHAPEL AND CHURCHES.  Chapels and small churches are also an option to start into your new life together. There are many different options and our packages present a small selection of wedding locations. All chapels in our packages are without any religious denomination. Please contact us if you have specific wishes or need help at a particular location.



WEDDING PACKAGES IN FLORIDA FOR WEDDINGS AT HISTORIC SITES. Florida offers beautiful historical places for your wedding ceremony. These are often Estates or locations where larger weddings can be planned including receptions. Some locations are available and suitable for smaller weddings. There are plenty of villas, Estates and historic sites available to choose from.


WEDDING PACKAGES IN FLORIDA FOR YACHT WEDDINGS AND UNUSUAL SITES.  Celebrate your wedding on a beautiful yacht or sailboat on the ocean. Maybe you are looking for an unconventional location or theme wedding. We have put together some packages for sailboats and yachts as well as a biker theme wedding and a wedding with dolphins.