Same sex weddings Florida – Rainbow Weddings

Same Sex weddings in Florida

Same Sex Weddings Florida – Rainbow Weddings

Since January 6th 2015 we can offer legal weddings to Same Sex couples that wish to get married in the State of Florida. We have been planning non legal Rainbow Weddings for years and are happy that couples now have the option of a legal Same Sex wedding in Florida .

All our wedding packages are also available for Same Sex weddings and we can also customize you an offer. Our Rainbow Weddings are held exactly the same way as any other wedding and we work with  gay friendly services and vendors. We respect the love between all people, their cultures, religion and personal preferences.

Legal paperwork and the filing process is the same for all couples getting married in Florida. However if you are living in a different State or Country other regulations may apply and Same Sex weddings may not be legally accepted. We suggest that you are contacting your local authorities to ensure that your wedding in Florida will also be legal binding at home. For couples traveling from International the law of their respective country will apply. If Same Sex weddings are not permitted in your country you will not be able to file the marriage with your authorities. Please also inform us what additional paperwork you may have to submit to register your marriage in your home country or State. We are able to file your documents over the Embassy or get an Apostille on the marriage certificate.

If you have questions or need some more additional information please contact us via phone or email.

We would love to assist you with the planning of your special day.

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