Marriage License by mail Information


We are applying for the marriage license by mail and this service is included in our wedding packages. We have offered this service to wedding and non wedding customers since 2005. With Marriage license by Mail you will not have to arrive in Florida a working day ahead of time or go to the Clerk of Court and spend precious vacation time to apply in person. There are no waiting times and everything will be done before your travel to Florida. How does this work? Approxiamately a month prior to your wedding date we work with the Clerk of Court who then issues the marriage license which you will receive via FedEx prior to your wedding. A marriage license by mail – license in Absentia  is absolutely legal, it is as if you were applying in person. Currently only two Clerks in the State of Florida are offering this service and you have to file through a company that is registered with the Clerk like us. You may also apply for the license yourself in person if you wish to do so and we will deduct the license fee from our packages. You may also visit our website for the Florida Marriage License by mail under

Adventages to apply for the Marriage License beforehand

  • No waiting times in court houses during your vacation time.
  • You arrive in Florida without worries, knowing that the license is already valid and ready to use.
  • You can actually arrive on a weekend and get married. (Clerks are closed on weekends and holidays).
  • For couples that don’t speak English well there are no communication problems.

Documents needed to apply for the Marriage License

  • Copies of government ID’s (driver’s license, state ID, military ID or passport if residing outside of the US).
  • You have to fill out a Clerks Information sheet that we will provide you with.
  • If previously married the exact date when the last marriage ended.
  • Your social security number if you are a citizen or residing in the US

We will not need your divorce degree, birth certificates or any translated documents. Exception: If your last marriage ended within a month and you are trying to remarry we will need the divorce degree.


  • We will apply with the provided documents for your marriage license by mail at the Clerks office.
  • We submit the license fee to the Clerk that is non refundable
  • We will receive the license via Email from the Clerk and forward it to you along with detailed instructions, handbook and a premarital statement.
  • You will print the license read the instructions and get your signatures on the license notarized at any Notary Public or Solicitor. The pre marital statement has to be signed by the couple.
  • Babette Hill is also a Notary Public. If you have difficulties in getting notarization’s done at home she can also notarize them for you.
  • Notarized document has to be sent back to us in original and be filed one more time at the Clerk of Court.
  • The license is finished when the Clerk has stamped and made the final validation. We will hold on to your license until your wedding date.

What is an Apostille:

An Apostille is a document issued that will validate for other countries that the marriage is valid. Countries that signed the Den Haag Convention contract will accept this document and register the marriage in your home country. We will file for this document if your country requests an Apostille for legalization at home.  The Apostille can take 4 to 6 weeks processing time and will be mailed to your home address. Couples from the UK will not need an Apostille but most other countries will require it. Once you received the Apsotille from us you take the document to your local registration office and get your marriage registered. Some countries will also request a translation of the document before they will accept it.

Countries not members of Den Haag Convention:

Some countries are not members of the den Haag Convention. If you are living in one of those countries an Apostille will not be sufficient to register the marriage at home. Please ask your local office what they will require to legalize the marriage at home. In almost all cases further documents have to be filed with the Embassy – Consulate of this country.